Hotel Ritz Paris

Hotel Ritz Paris

Who doesn't like to travel?

One of the destinations that we could never get enough of is Paris, many know it as the city of love, others as the city of gastronomy, but we find in this special city a lot of beauty, especially in its walls.
We want to tell you about one of the most historic hotels in the world, THE Ritz Hotel in Plaza Ven d么 me, which was founded by the Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz in 1875. It was built behind the facade of an 18th century house, with view of one of the central and most beautiful squares of Paris known as Place Vendome.

It is so important that it was the first hotel in Europe to offer telephone and electricity for each room. This made his guests very important people as they included royalty, politicians, writers, movie stars and singers. Several of its suites were named after famous hotel guests, including Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway, who lived at the hotel for years.

The hotel's largest suite, called the Imperial, has been listed by the French government as a national monument in its own right.
It is in this suite where Diana of Wales slept for the last time in 1997 along with Dodi Al Fayed, son of businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed who bought the hotel in 1979.

Some of the iconic Suites feature collections of wallpaper, dating back a long time, many of which survive to this day.

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