¿Dónde coloco papel tapiz?

Where do I put wallpaper?

Enmuro is a 100% Mexican company, born from the idea of ​​creating welcoming spaces. It is important to share that wallpaper comes to Mexico thanks to the European conquests, which brought with them this great art, which to this day continues to be in trend.

Answering the question of which spaces are suitable for placing wallpaper, it is very easy, anywhere. basically on any wall. You will turn pleasant spaces full of life.
If we realize, guest bathrooms are the smallest spaces in the houses, which is why it is sometimes difficult for us to decorate them. With wallpaper, whether paper, linen, or vinyl, it transforms into a completely different space in an instant. It will surprise you.

Kitchens are one of our favorite spaces, whether cooking or enjoying with the family. That is why with the help of wallpaper we can turn this special space into a place full of flowers, fields, or any design of your choice.

Children's rooms, let's think for a moment what a child's imagination takes us to, they can wander in a world full of dreams. We have different designs which will give the bedroom a unique touch, where your children's creativity will begin to awaken, they will spend a lot of time observing, creating and imagining.

Likewise, wallpaper will change the space in offices, stores, restaurants. Your clients would appreciate it since they create good environments.

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