Castillo de Chapultepec

Castle chapultepec

We want to start by sharing one of our great inspirations in the world of wallpaper, and we would like to tell you about the famous Chapultepec Castle since, in addition to its special beauty, it is where we also find rooms covered in wallpaper that fill the spaces with elegance even the present day.

Traveling along Paseo de la Reforma, whether on foot or by car, and catching a glimpse of our great Castle is simply fascinating, just by being close, countless memories come to mind. My visits to the castle as a child, discovering the immensity of the courtyard of the Alcazar surrounded by ahuehuete trees and then entering the castle and marveling at the rooms and spaces where Maximiliano and Carlota lived and coexisted. Just by closing your eyes, your imagination takes you to those years full of splendor in Mexico.

One of our favorite rooms is Carlota's, combining blues with golden tones and of course the walls covered with paper that dresses the room.

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